About Exhibit

[Q]How much does it cost to exhibit?

[A]It varies depending on the booth size and exhibit products. Please check the following for your reference.
If you would like to know the cost estimation, please feel free to contact us.

a. Raw Space Booking
b. Display Cost (Construction fee, furniture, etc.)
c. Other Expenses (Printing catalog, promotional goods, etc.)

E-mail:[email protected]

[Q]Can I choose a booth location?

[A]It varies depending on the booth size and exhibit products. If you would like to know the available booth locations, please feel free to contact us.

E-mail:[email protected]

[Q]When is the deadline for submitting the application form?

[A]There is no specific deadline for the submission.
Please be informed that the booth will be booked on a first-come-first-served basis and when reached its capacity, we will close the application process accordingly.

[Q]How can I receive exhibiting information and application?

[A]Request for exhibiting information via online request form or contact Show Management.
Show Management will send you exhibiting information materials.

Click here for Exhibiting Information Request
Click here to contact the Show Management

[Q]Is there any packaged display plans?

[A]There are several Rental Display packages for exhibitors.
All the packages include basic furniture, electrical service, etc. as well as booth construction/removal fee.
For detailed information, please contact Show Management.

Contact:[email protected]

[Q]Can I distribute leaflets at the show venue?

[A]Yes, but please do not distribute them outside your booth area.

About Visit

About Visitor Ticket

[Q]How can I apply for the visitor ticket?

[A]To apply for the visitor ticket, click here and complete the form.  

[Q]How much is the admission fee for the show?

[A]Admission is free of charge with the visitor ticket. (To apply for the visitor ticket, click here.)

* JPY 5,000/person will be charged without a ticket.

[Q]Can I enter concurrent shows as well?

[A]You can enter concurrent shows with one visitor ticket.

[Q]Is the admission badge valid during the exhibition period?

Once you complete the registration procedures and receive your admission badge on-site, you are free to leave and re-enter the venue during the 3-day exhibition period.

[Q]Can I enter the show without a visitor ticket?

[A]No. All visitors need an invitation ticket to enter the show.
To apply for the visitor ticket, click here and complete the form.  

About Visit / Admission

[Q]How do I get to the venue?

[A]Please see here for details.

[Q]Can I visit the show with children?

[A]Since this is B-to-B trade show, those under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the show.

[Q]How can I find out more about the exhibitors & exhibits?

[A]"Exhibitors & Exhibits Database" will be available approximately 2 months prior to the show.

[Q]How do I get the Floor Map before the show?

[A]The Floor Map will be available in about one or two weeks prior to the show.
Once the Floor Map is available, it will be up on the website.

[Q]Can I take pictures at the venue?

[A]Recording and photography are strictly prohibited at exhibition halls and conference rooms except for authorized press personnel.
To request a press badge, please complete the press registration from here.

[Q]How can I get a press badge?

[A]Please check the "Media" page.

[Q]Is a Visa necessary to enter Japan?

[A]A visa is necessary in order to enter Japan varies by your nationality.
For details, please refer to the "Guide to Japanese Visas" on the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

>Click here

For particular details, please contact your nearest Japanese diplomatic mission directly.
Please note that Show Management does not support visitors with VISA.

[Q]How can I apply for the Conference?

[A]"Conference" page will be around 2 months before the show.
Please visit the conference page and apply for seminars after the page is up.

[Q]How can I cancel my application for the Conference?

[A]Cancellation or change of charged sessions will not be accepted after completing the application.
If the applicant is not able to attend, please have another personnel attend instead.

About Facilities and Services / Other

[Q]Are copy/fax machines available at the venue?

[A]Copy/fax machines are available at the Business Center. Visit the venue website to find its location.  

[Q]Is there a smoking area?

[A]Please visit the venue website for details.

[Q]Where can I store my luggage?

[A]Please visit the venue website for details.

[Q]Is there any restaurants at the venue?

[A]There are several restaurants at Portmesse Nagoya. Please visit the venue website for details.